Tiffani is the CEO of Awaken Productions and Inspire All Enterprises which are both committed to creating engaging and powerful content through films, courses, and events.

Awaken Productions is comprised of a highly talented and innovative team with decades of experience. Currently, they are traveling the world capturing the stories of extraordinary people which will soon be released through written articles and videos in a series called WHAT IS POSSIBLE. The driving mission is to prove the vastness of human potential and begin to dissolve the perception of limitation.

Tiffani has been running and training companies since she was in her teens. She began meditating at 5 years old and became a certified yoga teacher in 2003. She attributes her greatest success to finally merging these practices with her professional world.  She believes and teaches that by mastering the self and inner world greater results, well-being, and fulfillment will be achieved.

Tiffani was trained by Indra Devi, the first woman to bring yoga to the west, and continues to teach yoga to businesses, schools, and individuals. She has volunteered her time for over 15 years to bring these beautiful practices to people in need.

Several years ago, Tiffani experienced devastating circumstances.  She knew she had to make changes and consciously created a new future. Passionate about Quantum Physics, the Power of the Mind, and certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming, she began to apply the principals that she had dedicated her life learning. Through a miraculous course of events, extreme internal work, constant mental rehearsal, and a conscious practice she is now living every aspect of the ideal life she designed, and let us say that Tiffani thinks BIG!  She is driven by the purpose of  awakening people to the truth that:


"We are individually and collectively so much more powerful than we have ever been told."