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What is Possible

A new series that explores the vastness of human potential and ability. Created by Tiffani Churchill of Awaken Productions

ENTER THE REALM OF INFINITE POSSIBILITY  where perceived limitations are dissolved and the innate power of humanity is explored. Discover extraordinary true stories of people from all over the world that are pushing the boundaries of human potential and providing evidence that every person is more powerful than they have ever been told.

What is possible is an immersive platform of highly engaging mini-documentaries and written content that will expand your mind, open your heart, and connect you to your true essence- which is UNLIMITED.

Launching this Spring


We remind people of their innate wholeness and power

What Is Possible is a revolutionary media platform crafted to liberate humans from their perceived limitations by reminding them of their magnificence. We make this possible through providing tangible, real-world evidence that people are far more powerful than they are aware. Inside each and every single one of us exists the ability to access seemingly miraculous powers and endless creative potential. It is our mission to capture and share stories where ‘common’ humans have made the impossible, possible.

Our vision is to create and curate a compelling and immersive library of real-world stories of transformation, healing and transcendent success that may be accessed on any device, at any time. We innately understand the power of visual media and it’s ability to influence and impact, thus are committed to creating original pieces of art which encapsulate our vision whilst inspiring our growing audience.


Capture and share stories of people making the impossible, possible

The extraordinary stories that we share on our platform are only a few examples of the tangible miracles that happens everyday on our planet. Humans are wired for greatness, but we often forget that we have access to everyday magic. Our mind is an incredibly complex mechanism that allows us to access the quantum realms, and consciously birth what we envision into this physical reality. Within our library of documentaries and articles, we share numerous examples of everyday people whom have harnessed this ability and rapidly shifted their experience of reality. Discover people that have healed miraculously, mastered the body and mind, utilized the power of the heart, overcome incredible odds, and purposely shaped their destiny.

Each and every single day more scientific evidence appears which gives light to this incredible power that we all possess. Our work serves as a bridge to inspire and remind humans whom may be moving through challenges in their life that they have direct access to the infinite wellspring of potential that exists within them. Each story is simply a reflection of what is possible for you.


Creating content that elevates and expands consciousness

Tiffani Churchill is the host and producer of What Is Possible. Her love of film and the elevation of human consciousness inspired her to build Awaken Productions, a conscious production house focused on bringing stories of human potential to the masses. Her entire team are deeply passionate about the awakening of consciousness taking place collectively, and travel the world capturing uplifting and awe-inspiring stories of human potential with the highest caliber of expertise, and soulful intent.

Tiffani believes that these extraordinary stories needed to be recorded, expressed and shared with the greater human collective, as a timeless reminder that our human species is capable of so much more than we may be aware of. Join Tiffani and her team on a captivating journey of discovery into the full potential of being human.

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My personal story is composed of an awe-inspiring journey filled with miracles, synchronicities, and profound moments that led me to the discovery of the power of individual and collective consciousness. I overcame extreme odds which now I see as the catalyst for my expansion and awakening. I consciously designed my life and it has evolved beyond what even I could imagine. I have first-hand knowledge of what we as humans can achieve and experience.

I am passionate about dissolving the perception of limitation and providing evidence that every person has infinite possibilities and potential waiting to be realized and activated.

Tiffani ChurchilFounder of Awaken Productions

“When you witness the extraordinary abilities of another, it ignites the belief that more is possible in your own life.” Tiffani Churchill

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